“24620” is on the move

The Nautilus, Winter 2002






Some may be wondering whatever happened to the Detroit house that the School shipped to France as part of Archilab 2001.

The house made such an impact that it was moved from Orleans, France to Germany for several exhibits. First, it went to Sindefingen for the exhibition Kunst & Projekte and then was split in two. One-half was presented at the exhibition “Art and Economy” in the Deichtorhallen Museum in Hamburg and the other half went to the city of Den Haag as a part of the exhibition “Ways Out” at Stroom. “24620: The Fugitive House” will soon be shown at the exhibition “Para-Site” at Badischer-Kunstverein in Karsruhe and may continue on to London.

The original house, designed and organized by Visiting Professor of Urbanism Kyong Park and Associate Professor Dan Pitera, was panelized for shipment by a studio of students from the SOA and then reassembled in Europe by these same students with help from French students.