School receives six-year accreditation

The Nautilus, Winter 2002

Visiting Accreditation Team:
(Left to right) Thomas Fowler IV, (Visiting Team Chair- Representing ACSA), Kathleen Reehil (’67), (Observer), Dean Stephen Vogel, Deanna L. Smith (Representing AIAS), David L. Wooley, FAIA (Representing AIA), Frank M. Guillot, AIA (Representing NCARB)





The School of Architecture received official notice from the National Architecture Accreditation Board (NAAB) this summer that its five-year professional degree program (both the Master’s of Architecture and the soon-to-be phased-out Bachelor of Architecture) has received a full six-year term of accreditation. The next accreditation visit will occur in 2008.

The final report gave high praise to the program as evidenced by 100 percent of the student performance criteria cited as “met” or “well met”. The few weaknesses noted in the program generally revolved around resources lacking to support faculty and staff development and academic support.

The “well met” conditions included program self-assessment, administrative structure, professional degrees and curriculum, graphic skills, collaborative skills, building systems integration, comprehensive design and the legal context of architectural practice. These results reflect intense faculty efforts to make the curriculum more rigorous as well as the quality of students in the program.

If alumni wish to review the entire report, they should contact the School. Copies of the report are also on file in the McNichols Campus Library.