Alumni lead profession through AIA positions

The Nautilus, Summer 2003

Photo: National Fellowship Presentation at the 2003 AIA Convention in San Diego.






Part of the School of Architecture’s mission is to develop architects who are of service to their profession. Architecture graduates serve their profession in a variety of capacities, including an impressive number in leadership positions in the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Whether through attendance or professional participation, it was apparent at the recent 2003 AIA National Convention in San Diego that this commitment to service is truly being taken to heart. Christopher Gribbs (’83) was the AIA staff member overseeing the convention, which attracted more than 18,000 architects from around the country. Gribbs has worked for the AIA since shortly after graduation and has gradually moved up the ranks of the national office. The convention co-chair was Thomas Anglewicz (’67) who works for the MW Steele Group in La Jolla, CA.

In attendance at the convention were current AIA New York President Ronald Battaglia (’70) and current AIA Florida President Bill Bishop (’80). Mickey Jacob (’81, ’82), running—unopposed—to be the 2005 AIA Florida president, was also in attendance.

Dean Stephen Vogel (’70, ’75), a former AIA Detroit and AIA Michigan president, hosted a reception at the convention for UDM alumni. James Timberlake (’75) gave a well-attended seminar at the convention on technology transference. His firm, Kieran Timberlake Associates in Philadelphia, continues to get published and receive AIA honors.

Though not in attendance at the recent convention, several other alumni have held leadership positions in AIA. They include: 2001 AIA Minnesota President Robert DeBruin (’70), 2002 AIA Detroit president Rainy Hamilton (’78), and 2002 AIA Orlando President Kevin Rattigan (’76).

Andrew Vazzanno, FAIA ('72) received his national fellowship from the AIA at the convention. The fellowships were given at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, designed by Louis Kahn. Vazzanno is the only Michigan architect to receive a fellowship this year.

We are interested in hearing from other alumni who have held positions in the American Institute of Architects. Please email Dean Vogel, so we can keep our records up-to-date. Our unofficial survey so far shows the class of 1970, with three state component presidents, as leading the list. In a future issue of The Nautilus, we also plan to profile some of these individuals.

Clearly the UDM SOA is “leading” the way.