Math, Computer Science programs move ‘home’ to Engineering Building

Impact, Winter 2002


Program and facility moves can have a domino effect, with one move prompting yet another. Moves also can result in synergy. Program moves at UDM this past summer had both effects.

Both office and classroom space were needed in the Briggs Building to accommodate the move of the Liberal Arts and Education faculty from UDM’s Outer Drive Campus. To free up the needed space in Briggs, the departments of Mathematics and Computer Science were moved from the Briggs Building to the Engineering Building.

While space was the initial issue, a second reason for moving Math and Computer Science, both of which are part of the College of Engineering & Science, was to provide more synergy within the College for both faculty and students. The Mathematics and Computer Science faculty work closely with their Engineering & Science colleagues, and the move has placed the two groups within closer proximity, explains Associate Dean Ken Henold.

“This will have the effect of supporting fruitful discussions on ways to best provide academic services to students and to move forward the scholarly activities of faculty from both areas,” Henold says.

In addition, the Computer Science and Computer Engineering faculty will share resources in the new advanced computer laboratories.