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Impact, Summer 2003


Photo: Larry Burns, vice president for Research & Development, General Motors Corporation


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During Winter Term 2003, the College of Engineering & Science hosted a number of speakers and presentations to broaden students’ awareness of "real world" issues related to engineering and science.

In March, Larry Burns, vice president for Research & Development, General Motors Corporation, spoke on "Fuel Cell Technology and the GM Fuel Cell Program."

This technology is intended to revolutionize the auto industry and possibly the energy industry. Burns highlighted the far-reaching consequences fuel cell technology may have on pollution, current reliance on fossil fuels, and other issues related to sustainable development, and energy generation and distribution.

In April, the College and University Ministry co-sponsored a presentation on "The Ongoing Struggle to Define and Foster Integrity in Research" by Nicholas H. Steneck, professor of history and faculty associate in the Office of the Vice President for Research at University of Michigan.

Steneck, who is also a consultant to the Office of Research Integrity, Department of Health and Human Services, focused his remarks on the difficulty in defining "integrity in research" in order to make researchers aware of their responsibilities.

A variety of other speakers visited classes to provide students with a professional perspective. Guest speakers and companies represented included:

Ford Motor Company
Chris Theodore - Vice President, Product Development
Anne Stevens - Vice President, Assembly and Stamping Operations
Al Vier - Vice President, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering
Marty Mulloy - Executive Director, Human Resources
Bill Russo - Executive Director, Manufacturing
Gerald Peterson - Director, Information Systems

Jim Orchard - President, North America
John Maples - Vice President, Quality and Supply Chain
Ray Schaffart - VP & General Manager, Chassis Systems
Jay Baker - Manager, Advanced Technology Development

Walbridge Aldinger
Rick Haller - President & COO

MSX International
John Miller - Executive VP and Chief Administrative Officer
John Packwood - Vice President, Marketing & Sales

Lamb Technicon
Alexander Gaulin - Vice President, Business Development

Connective Commerce
Jeffrey Walter - Vice President, Technology

3-D Solutions
Ravi Kapur - President

Guest speakers from Lear Corp., Johnson Controls, ArvinMeritor and other companies also visited the campus this year.


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