$1.2 Million to Be Invested in Renovations of Engineering Building

University News, Summer 2002

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Click on the images below to see larger versions of the IDS renovation options.

The College of Engineering & Science will invest $1.2 million this year in continued renovations to the Engineering Building. One project will replace outdated furniture, while another project will install computer equipment on the cutting edge of 21st century technology.

Five classrooms and eight faculty offices will be renovated on the second floor, following plans developed by Integrated Design Solutions. New carpeting and paint will modernize the learning environment of the classrooms. The original classroom chairs that are bolted to the floor will be replaced with modern, freestanding chairs and tables. The moveable furniture, in addition to being more comfortable, can be reconfigured to accommodate collaborative team projects.

The Physics Lab is moving to the Chemistry Building, and the Math & Computer Science Department is moving from the Briggs Building to the second floor of the Engineering Building, where it will be closer to the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department.

In addition to a new home, the Math & Computer Science Department will enjoy the advantage of the the new Ford Distributive Computing Center, which will consist of a Distributed and Parallel Processing Lab and a Networking Lab. (See separate article.)

The Distributed and Parallel Processing Lab will have 30 PCs with a distributed database management system and data mining software. The Networking Lab will have seven networking groups, each with three workstations, and current network development environments.