IntelDonates Sound Morphers to College of Engineering & Science

Impact, Summer 2002 issue

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What can you do with 10,000 sound morphers? The faculty of the College of Engineering & Science is answering that question as the result of a rather unusual contribution from Intel Corp.

Jeffrey Abbate (UD, E&S '86), who works for Intel in Oregon, arranged for the donation to his alma mater when he realized that some of Intel's excess inventory could be used for educational purposes.

A sound morpher is a digital recording device that can be connected to a PC. The recorded sounds can then be altered with computer applications. The sound morphers will be used at UDM for "reverse engineering" projects where students take a piece of equipment apart to see how it works. They will also be used in the pre-college engineering programs on campus during the summer.

Intel also donated 16 digital microscopes that will enable students to use digital photography technology to enlarge images to be studied. The microscopes will be used in the Chemistry and Biology Departments. Twenty digital cameras donated by Intel are awaiting assignment.

Sound morphers are available to youth groups and organizations! If you are associated with a youth group or organization and would like to present sound morphers to your students, please contact Associate Dean Art Haman for information.


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