Ask the Professor celebrates 50 years of laughs and great memories

The Highlighter and Laureate, Winter 2002

It’s a year of celebrations for the College of Liberal Arts & Education. Not only has the College been recognizing its 125th anniversary—along with the University’s 125 years of Jesuit tradition—over the past year, the College also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Ask the Professor (ATP) radio program. On Oct. 27, WJR-AM 760 highlighted UDM with a one-hour program on the University and on ATP.

The broadcast included interviews with President Maureen A. Fay, O.P., Architecture Dean Steven Vogel, Engineering & Science Dean Leo Hanifin and Dean John Staudenmaier, S.J. A special segment focused on the 50th anniversary of ATP, which included clips from old shows and interviews with current ATP faculty Kathy Bush and Beth Oljar.

Below is an excerpt from an article, that ran in the Detroit Free Press on October 23. The article, “50 years of wit, wisdom: WJR-AM hosts golden anniversary of ‘Ask the Professor’ quiz show,” written by John Smyntek (’72), Special Features and Syndication editor, Detroit Free Press, who provides a wonderful overview of the program’s history through quotes from some of the show’s past and current hosts. Read the complete article.

Excerpt: On the program, the profs answer questions mailed in by fans scattered across the land. Current moderator—the first and only woman to hold the honor—assistant dean of liberal arts Kathy Bush notes one Bert Tilley of Attala, Ala., is one of the most frequent postcard droppers. "We got an L.A. cop who's a regular too," she says, thanks to faithful airings over oldies station KRTH-FM in Los Angeles. One police submission: A list of quotes asking the panel to guess whether the speaker was ex-vice president Al Gore or the murderous Unabomber. Prizes are small, determined, as Bush jokes, by what she says was UDM's unofficial motto—"Who's gonna pay for this?"