Nurse-managed center cares for working poor

Healthy Times,
Summer 2003

Prayer for the Opening of the McAuley Nurse Managed Center
January 23, 2003

Almighty and Healing God,
You who give life, peace, strength and hope;
You who give wholeness without judgement;
Bless this holy space
    and to all who come through these doors
         give protection and hope.

Let the workers provide fair and equal care for the clients;
That all who work here, including students and volunteers,
Would have clarity of thought,
   inner peace,
         and motivation.

Grant all this
Through Your might
    and through the intercession
       of all holy men and women.

Composed by McAuley School of Nursing Seniors: Cynthia Blaisdell, Cydni Greer, Traci Johnson, Cara Licavoli, Andrea Sarazin, Susha Thomas.




It didn’t take long for the McAuley Nurse Managed Center to make a difference in the lives of the patients it serves.

The center, which opened in January, provides free primary health care to medically underserved patients, mainly uninsured working poor adults. In the near future, the facility also will accept patients with Medicaid, Medicare and other insurances.

Managed Center  Opening

FNP students provided blood pressure screenings during the Center's Open House in January.

The center is located in an eastside Detroit neighborhood and staffed by University of Detroit Mercy nurse practitioner faculty, assisted by graduate and undergraduate students.

"Our patients are really pleased with their care," says Professor of Nursing Joan Urbancic, the clinic’s project director. "We’re getting very positive feedback."
In addition to the center’s primary care services, the staff is building a variety of programs focused on health promotion and disease prevention.

The center hosted a health fair for local residents in April, sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Nursing student Zesha Holyfield submitted a successful grant proposal to the insurance carrier, which helped make the event possible. The staff plans to hold more health fairs in the future in partnership with area churches, soup kitchens, schools and community centers.

The center also will conduct diabetes education groups and has three psychiatric nurse practitioner faculty on staff to treat patients with mental health issues.

Because many of its patients have multiple health problems requiring complex care, the center offers a wonderful opportunity for faculty practice and student clinical experiences, according to Urbancic.

"Our students have a very challenging clinical experience and the opportunity to work side by side with faculty who are real role models in a nurse managed care environment, while our faculty members are enhancing their practice skills and providing access and high quality care to the underserved," she notes. "Seeing everyone’s excitement, enthusiasm and motivation to make this a successful endeavor has been so gratifying. The faculty, administration, students, staff, community and patients have all been wonderful. It’s exciting to know we can make a difference."

The McAuley Nurse Managed Center welcomes alumni volunteers. Those interested should contact Mary Serowoky, the center’s clinical coordinator, at (313) 579-1182.