Health Professions Faculty Notes

Healthy Times, Summer 2002

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Christine M. Pacini, assistant dean and associate professor, McAuley School of Nursing, presented the paper, "The Application of Sales, Marketing and Business Principles to Realize an Increased Enrollment of Prelicensure Students," at the Baccalaureate Education Conference of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing in Washington, D.C. in December 2001.


Sharon Moser (HP '97), instructor, Physician Assistant Program, presented a workshop on "Mental Status Examination" at the Physician Assistant State Conference in October. The workshop was also filmed for use as future CME web site as part of the FIPSE-funded Learning Anytime Anywhere project.


Michael Dosch, chair, Nurse Anesthesiology Program, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital-Oakland, was recently appointed chair of onsite reviewers for the accreditation body for Nurse Anesthesiology programs.

Dosch also presented at a number of state and national nurse anesthesia conferences during the past year. In August, he spoke on "Choosing Among the New Anesthesia Gas Machines" at the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists in San Francisco. He also contributed the chapter, "Anesthesia Equipment" in the text, Nurse Anesthesia.


Joan Urbancic, professor, McAuley School of Nursing and Carla Groh, associate professor, Physician Assistant Program, submitted a grant proposal on behalf of the UHEC-Domestic Violence Committee, which was awarded a $8,500 grant from Mercy Ministries.

Groh also co-wrote the chapter, "Self-esteem Disturbance," in the book, Nursing Care of Older Adults: Diagnosis, Outcome & Intervention.


Victoria A. Kimler, assistant professor of Physiology and Pathophysiology, has co-authored the following publications: "Morphological Studies on the Mechanisms of Pigmentary Organelle Transport in Fish Xanthophores and Melanophores" in Microscopy Research and Technique and "Morphological Studies on Microfilaments and their Organizing Center in Killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus L.) Melanophores" in Pigment Cell Research.

Kimler also oversaw a study on blueberry nutrition, plasma antioxidants and cytokine, and athletic intensity in conjunction with Michael Dosch, instructor, Nurse Anesthesiology; Paulette Williams, former instructor, Health Professions; and UDM students Jayne A. Cady, CRNA; Francie Cordts, Physician Assistant; Jaymi Dumper, Sports Medicine; and Alison Unverferth, Sports Medicine. The study, which was funded by grants totaling $1.2 million, was conducted in collaboration with Oakland University and Tufts University.


Janet Baiardi, assistant dean, McAuley School of Nursing-BSN Completion and Graduate MSON Programs, co-presented "Evaluating Pain in the Cognitively Impaired Elderly," at the 2001 Conference on Pain: Gaining Insight and Making a Difference, October 11 in Livonia, Michigan.


Suzanne Warnimont, chair, Physician Assistant Program, contributed three chapters to the book, Primary Care for Physician Assistants, Clinical Practice Guidelines. She was also appointed to the board of directors for the Michigan Academy as the Region 6 (Southeast Michigan) representative. Warnimont also represented the profession as the state Health Care Workforce Development Coalition, which focuses on ensuring an adequate health care workforce.


Suzanne Mellon, dean, College of Health Professions, contributed the article, "Family Survivorship and Quality of Life Following a Cancer Diagnosis" to the December 2001 issue of Research in Nursing and Health. Mellon also serves on a statewide work group for genetic literacy and education from grade school through college. She is also a member of the Steering Committee/Task Force: Southeast Michigan Forum on the Future Supply of Patient Care Personnel.


Brian Kipp, instructor of Basic Clinical Sciences, co-authored papers on "Mechanism of Ascorbic Acid Oxidation by Cytochrome b (561)" and "Evidence for an Essential Histidine Residue in the Ascorbate-binding Site of Cytochrome b (561)," which were published in the journal Biochemistry.


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