CBA faculty attend Jesuit Conference

The Current, Winter 2002

Through the generosity of the Jesuit 100 Association, College of Business Administration faculty attended the Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education (CJBE) Fifth Annual Conference at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, last July. Those attending the conference included Assistant Professor Antonio Drommi, Professor Ram Kesavan, Associate Professor Mary Ann Hazen, Professor Gerald Cavanagh, S.J., Dean Bahman Mirshab and Assistant Professor Wendy Norfleet.

The conference is a manifestation of the CJBE mission to promote cooperation and excellence among Jesuit business faculty, deepen exploration of the distinctiveness of Jesuit business education, and orient new faculty to the Ignatian tradition and Jesuit education.

“The organization was set up to make explicit the implementation of the Jesuit mission in business schools. We learn a good bit from each other,” says Cavanagh.

This year’s conference focused on the paradoxical nature of globalization and economic justice, and the opportunities and challenges it presents for Jesuit Schools of Business.

Cavanagh and Hazen presented a paper about MBA 521 (Personal Development and Social Responsibility: Management Perspectives), a course they developed and have team-taught along with Associate Professor Larry Bossman. The course covers personal goals and values, development of ethics, and the social responsibility of the individual.

“We encourage each student to own their own spirituality and to clarify that in their lives in general and in their careers in particular. This course sets the tone for the UDM MBA program. Also, we want the students to develop a community, so we form teams and complete team projects,” Cavanagh adds.

Cavanagh also presented a paper entitled “The Global Marketplace and Jesuit Values,” which addressed the dual nature of globalization, and detailed ways Jesuit educators can instill in students a sense of social responsibility, not just concern for the bottom line.