Business Administration at the 125th Gala

The Current, Winter 2002



Alumni and their guests from DaimlerChrysler enjoyed gathering for an evening at the Gala.

Above: (top row, left to right) Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Gerard Stockhausen, S.J., President Maureen A. Fay, O.P.; Ed Sprock (E&S ’75, MBA ’78), James Cortez, Glaudio Soave (E&S ’96, ’98), Paul Shefferly (E&S ’75), Dan Horgan, junior pre-law student Rosalyn Patton, who participates in Track and Field.
(bottom row, left to right) Christine Sprock, Christine Cortez, Teresa
Soave (C&F ’96, MBA ’98), Deborah Shefferly, Kathleen Horgan (LA&E ’73, MBA ’84)

For more photos from the Gala, visit the 125 website.

College of Business Administration Dean Bahman Mirshab (’81) and his wife, Maryam (E&S ’90), enjoyed the evening at Ford Field.