MBA and CIS students study in the United Kingdom

The Current, Winter 2002



Two groups of students from the College of Business Administration traveled to the United Kingdom this past August.

Under the guidance of Assistant Professor Antonio Drommi and Daniel Shoemaker, the first group of Computer Information System students learned about information technology best practices and visited such places as the British Standards Institute, the London office of Deloitte and Touche, and the School of Computing, Information Systems at South Bank University.

“The theme of these visits was ‘information governance and security standards’, a timely topic that has given our students an inside view of how IT operations in Europe are adopting and implementing information security standards,” says Drommi.

Another group of MBA students visited Lloyd’s of London, the London headquarters of Price Waterhouse Coopers, The Financial Times, The Economist magazine, and GM affiliate, Vauxhal, where they gained exposure to international business under the guidance of Professor Michael Whitty.

“As Midwesterners, we do not believe we are directly affected by world affairs, but world affairs, especially economic affairs, do affect us,” says Whitty. “Our students need to emotionally and intellectually identify with Europe and the rest of the world. I am trying to get them to act locally with their careers, but think globally with their values.”