Commerce and Finance continues major renovation

The Current, Summer 2003

Photo: Historic photo of the Commerce and Finance building (center building)

Photo: Exterior renovation of Commerce and Finance building, Summer 2002




The second and final phase of the renovation of the Commerce and Finance Building will begin on schedule this July. Phase one of the building restoration was completed October 2000 and involved window replacement, roof repairs, and the cleaning and repair of the building’s exterior sand stone veneer.

The second phase of renovation involves a complete overhaul of the building’s interior. In addition to new classrooms and faculty and staff / administration offices, renovation plans include new alumni and college board rooms, a new student welcoming center, and a new student study center.

The renovation will also include two technology-enhanced classrooms, as well as two global learning centers featuring state-of-the-art audio, video and computer technologies. An elevator and a new entrance equipped with handicap ramps will also be part of the renovation.

The final stage of restoration will conclude summer of 2004. For the 2003-2004 academic year, faculty and staff will temporarily move their offices to Lansing-Reilly Hall for the yearlong duration of the renovation.

With the newly renovated building, “the College will continue to offer quality business education based on ethics attuned to the times,” says Dean Bahman Mirshab.