Bargman Experimental Lab Opens in C&F

The Current, Summer 2002

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The Computer and Information Systems (CIS) program, under the direction of Coordinator of Instructional Technology Antonio Drommi, launched an experimental computer lab this spring. The Bargman Experimental Lab is located in room 7C of the C&F building, and is an extension of the original Bargman Lab in CF1.

When the Bargman lab's old server was replaced earlier this year with the remaining funds from the original grant, Drommi decided to put the original Bargman server to a new use. Augmenting the original Bargman server with some donated PCs from EDS and leftover PCs from C&F offices, Drommi established a "mini lab" to allow students hands-on practice with a self-contained network. "As a result, we are gaining additional benefit from the Bargman Foundation grant," notes Drommi. "While the old server is obsolete in terms of its original purpose, it can still benefit students."

Adjunct instructor Thomas Moeller generously donated tools, cabling and Ethernet cards for the project. Moeller began using the lab during Winter Term 2002, with students doing hands-on exercises for his CIS 382 (Data Communication) class. "The students responded very well and enjoyed the hands on approach to the course, installing cable and hardware components and setting up clients on the server," says Drommi.

Plans are to increase the number of courses that offer hands-on instruction in the new Experimental Lab.