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Becoming an international scholar and bestselling author: Professor Suk H. Kim

Bahman Mirshab is appointed Dean of the College

Striving to be a leader in business: UDM valedictorian Jonathan Sanders

Beta Gamma Sigma celebrates 50th anniversary

Alumni week connects today's leaders with tomorrow's stars

Lead Auditor Training is now available at UDM

Bargman Experimental Lab opens in C&F

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Summer 2002 Issue
University of Detroit Mercy College of Business Administration

Welcome to The Current Online, a periodic web-based newsletter from the University of Detroit Mercy College of Business Administration. This "publication" is one example of our technology-enhanced efforts to communicate with alumni in the ways that will serve you best. This new online communication will keep you informed about activities in the College, as well as what some of your fellow alumni are up to.

The features in this issue focus on alumni and student activities, as well as programs and changes in the College, including the announcement of a new dean to succeed Gary Giamartino. We will also detail some activities at the University in general that may interest you. Each article has a "printer-friendly" version for anyone who might prefer to read offline.

Highlighted Feature: It's been more than 20 years now, but the memories of that first, difficult year are still vivid. In 1980, Suk H. Kim was seeking a publisher for his textbook proposal on global corporate finance. The book was to be the culmination of his professional work to that point, and the focus of a lifelong dream for him. But it wasn't happening. Read more . . .

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