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Educational Administration (MA)


Master of Arts with a major in Educational Administration

The Master of Arts with a major in Educational Administration is designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a professional career as a principal and other leadership positions in districts and schools.


    Admission Requirements

    The requirements for admission to graduate study in educational administration are a 3.0 grade point average, fulfillment of requirements for a state teaching certificate or a background of education and experience satisfactory to the program director and three letters of recommendation submitted by individuals who are capable of evaluating your potential for leadership. Applicants for the program in administration will be required to give evidence of their fitness to pursue a professional career in this area.


    Degree Requirements — 36 credit hours

    • EDU 5000 Methods of Educational Research (3 credits)
    • EDU 5160 Elementary Curriculum Construction (3 credits) OR EDU 5170 Secondary Curriculum Construction (3 credits)
    • EDU 5250 Educational Policy Studies (3 credits)
    • EDU 5730 Elementary School Leadership (3 credits) OR EDU 5740 Administration of Secondary Schools (3 credits)
    • EDU 5750 School Finance and Management Education Services (3 credits)
    • EDU 5820 Schools and Community Relations (3 credits)
    • EDU 5860 Legal Foundations (3 credits)
    • EDU 5920 Elementary Leader Internship I (3 credits) AND EDU 5921 Elementary Leader Internship II (3 credits), OR
    • EDU 5930 Secondary Leader Internship I (3 credits) AND EDU 5931 Secondary Leader Internship II (3 credits)
    • EDU 5960 Program Planning, Evaluation, Development and Implementation (3 credits)
    • EDU 6200 Supervision of Instruction (3 credits)
    • EDU 5--- OR  EDU 6--- Elective credit to be selected in consultation with advisor for any 5000-level or 6000-level course. (3 credits)

    Depending upon student career interest, additional coursework may be selected in cooperation with the advisor from the following:

    • CNS 5400 Testing and Evaluation (3 credits)
    • EDU 5200 Comparative Education (3 credits)
    • EDU 5810 Multicultural Issues in Education (3 credits)
    • EDU 6040 Central Office Leader Internship I (3 credits)
    • EDU 6041 Central Office Leader Internship II (3 credits)
    • EDU 6090 Advanced Seminar in Curriculum Planning (3 credits)
    • PYC 5030 Statistics (3 credits)
    • PYC 5730 Ethical Issues in the Workplace (3 credits)
    • PYC 5740 Training and Development (3 credits)
    • PYC 5750 Leadership Models (3 credits)

Program Contact Information

Program Advisor: Richard Rockwell, Ed.S.

Reno Hall, Room 213
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-993-1485
Fax: 313-578-0507
Department Chair: Alan Grigg, Ed.D.

Reno Hall, Room 243
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-993-1475
Fax: 313-578-0507
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