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Erin Henze, Ph.D., NCSP, LP

Associate Professor of Psychology

Erin Henze
Contact Info:
Campus: McNichols Campus
Building: Reno Hall
Room: 206
Phone: 313-993-1434
Erin Henze


  • Ph.D., University of Tennessee
  • B.S., Western Michigan University


Erin Henze is a licensed psychologist as well as a State of Michigan and nationally certified school psychologist. She teaches courses in Assessment and Intervention for School Psychologists, Role and Function of the School Psychologist, Systems-level Consultation, Developmental Psychopathology in the School-aged Child, and Introductory Psychology.  She also supervises the first year practicum in School Psychology. Henze holds a Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan University and a doctorate. from the University of Tennessee. Henze has worked in school and clinical settings with children and families. She practiced as a school psychologist in the metro Detroit area before coming to Detroit Mercy in the Fall of 2011. Her areas of interest and research include the development and validation of academic interventions for students with disabilities, school-based functioning of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and supervision and training issues in school psychology.

    Courses Taught at University of Detroit Mercy

    • Introductory Psychology
    • School Psychology Assessment and Intervention
    • Psychological Services in the Schools, Practicum in School Psychology
    • Research and Writing in School Psychology


    Henze, E.E.C., Jaspers, K., Fasko, S.N. and Wilson, K. (2015). The nature and extent of research on Autism in the school psychology literature. Trainers’ Forum, 33(3), 36-56.

    Jaspers, K.E., Skinner, C.H., Henze, E.E.C., McCane-Boling, S.J., Rowlette, E.F. (2014). Occasioning Behaviors that Cause Learning. In S. G. Little & A. Akin-Little (Eds.), Academic assessment and intervention. New York: Routledge.

    Henze, E.E.C., Williams, R.L., von Mizener, B.H., Brown, K.S. (2013). Additive effects of performance feedback and contingent rewards on reading outcomes. Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools, 14(2), 104-133.

    Carroll, E., Skinner, C. H., McCleary, D. L., von Mizner, B. H., & Bliss, S. L. (2009). Analysis of author affiliation across four school psychology journals from 2000-2008: Where is the practitioner-research? Psychology in the Schools. 46(7), 627-635.



    Aspiranti, K.B., McLeary, D.F., McCleary, L., Henze, E.E.C. (2016). Preparing to Transition from the Trenches to the Ivory Tower. Paper presented at 2016 conference of National Association of School Psychologists in New Orleans, LA.

    Henze, E. & Shier, A.* (2014). The Effect of Weekly Quizzes for Credit versus No Credit on Student Performance. Poster presented at the annual conference of the Midwestern Psychological Association/Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Chicago, Il.

    Miller, N.* & Henze, E. (2014). Measuring Mental Illness Stigma in an Introductory Psychology Course. Poster presented at the annual conference of the Midwestern Psychological Association/Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Chicago, Il.

    Golomb, S., Henze, E. & Fasko, S.N. (2014). Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A Training Program’s Answer to a Reluctant Field. Presented at the 2014 conference of the Trainers in School Psychology, Washington, DC.

    Fasko, S.N., Henze, E. & Golomb, S. (2013). Toward Practical Policies in the Professional Program Classroom. Presented at the 2013 conference of the Trainers in School Psychology, Seattle, WA.


    Organizations / Affiliations

    Reviewer, Trainers of School Psychologists Trainer’s Forum and Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools.
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