May 22, 2017
Students in Master of Product Development class.

Are you looking to move up in your career, but require a graduate degree to make this happen? University of Detroit Mercy can help you make the most of your company’s tuition assistance program by offering graduate certificates and degrees designed to advance your skill set and energize your career. 

Through a special partnership program, employees of Automation Alley member companies may be eligible to receive a 50 percent tuition discount on nine master’s degree programs and seven graduate certificates at Detroit Mercy. To be eligible, students must be newly admitted into an eligible program starting in the Winter 2017 term and moving forward. 

“The tuition discount makes it much easier for any employee of any company that’s a member of Automation Alley to stretch their salary and tuition assistance program,” Detroit Mercy Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Darrell Kleinke said. “I think that’s a huge advantage. Also, going through Automation Alley, provides employees exposure to all the different companies that participate in Automation Alley. In terms of their career, you become more valuable to your company or you can perhaps leverage it to find new and different careers.”

According to a 2015 study, “The Economic Value of College Majors,” college graduates with a master’s degree earn an average of $17,000 more per year than those with a bachelor’s degree. Enrolling at Detroit Mercy gives graduate students access to the University’s diverse faculty and a platform to extend beyond the traditional class room.

“No matter what program they go into, our faculty members come from industry themselves,” Kleinke said. “So they’re going to receive applied experience, not just theoretical programs. They’re going to hear it right from people who have experienced it themselves. Also, access to faculty is a real advantage at Detroit Mercy. They’ll be able to meet with their faculty as often as they wish, or as often as they need. You develop personal relationships beyond the class.” 

Several programs, including the Master of Science in Product Development, Graduate Certificate in Advanced Electrical Vehicles and Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering, are available online for added convenience.

“You can either come to the classroom or take them online,” Kleinke said. “So if you get sent to a site or wherever the plant is — and we find this a lot in engineering and manufacturing — and you can’t come to class, you can do it online. We’ve had students finish courses from India, China, South America, all over.”

Automation Alley is a technology business association and business accelerator whose mission is to increase the economy and technology reputation of southeast Michigan. Automation Alley supports nearly 1,000 technology and manufacturing businesses.

“Automation Alley values its strong partnerships with our local colleges and universities, like Detroit Mercy,” said Karol Friedman, director of Automation Alley’s Industry 4.0 Partnerships and Talent. “By offering Automation Alley members tuition discounts, we are giving people opportunities to pursue higher education and high-skilled training, and ensuring southeast Michigan’s workforce remains competitive.”

Programs eligible for the discount include 10 programs in the College of Engineering & Science and six in the College of Business Administration

Important to note: this discount through Automation Alley only applies to new graduate students in the applicable programs (those who entered program from winter 2017 forward). Students who began their studies prior to Winter 2017 are not eligible for this discount.

For more information on programs in the College of Engineering & Science, contact Director of Graduate Recruiting David Pistrui at or 313-993-3378; for the College of Business Administration, contact Director of Graduate Programs Omid Sabbaghi at or 313-993-1172.

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