April 25, 2016

UDM student and Miss Michigan Earth pageant winner Jasmina Cunmulaj gave a presentation on the call to action in aiding the Flint Water Crisis at the Michigan Earth Day Festival on Saturday, April 23. The lecture was held in Rochester, MI at Municipal Park.

Jasmina CunmulajThe Michigan Earth Day Fest offered informative educational programs throughout the weekend covering a wide variety of green and wellness topics.

Without a traditional pageant, Cunmulaj earned her role as Miss Michigan Earth through a series of interviews where she emphasized her need for a platform to speak out on environmental issues.

“I want to use my crown and my title as a way to promote environmental awareness, especially with the Flint Water Crisis going on this year,” said Cunmulaj.

“It’s the perfect opportunity to go forward and try to change things.”

Her 45-minute presentation encouraged safer water alternatives for the residents of Flint and stressed the nurturing of the environment to prevent a future crisis.

“I didn’t want to talk more politics. I specifically focused on speaking for the children and people [affected by the Flint Water Crisis] and what we can do to help them out,” said Cunmulaj.

Cunmulaj has always been passionate about the environment and promoted awareness to protect the planet.

“In second or third grade, I tried to get everyone excited to print out these Earth Day flyers that I was making on my own,” said Cunmulaj.

“Everyone was making fun of me because I wanted to post [the flyer] around the neighborhood. I’ve always been super enthusiastic about [Earth Day].”

Cunmulaj is a freshman at UDM and a member of the ReBUILDetroit program, which offers intensive training for students interested in pursuing academic, research or industry careers in biomedical, behavioral, clinic or social sciences. Students are given guidance by mentors while engaging in paid research experiments throughout the year.

As a Pre-Med and Psychology major, Cunmulaj is pursuing a career in neuropsychology. This stems from exposure to concussions as a lacrosse player at Novi High School.

She will be competing for the title of Miss Earth United States in August 2016.

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Photo Credit: Carlos Garcia