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Kern Family Foundation Grant Continues to Support UDM's College of Engineering & Science

January 01, 2015

The College of Engineering & Science received a grant of $64,000 from the Kern Family Foundation to continue the implementation of the Kern Engineering Entrepreneurship Network (KEEN) over the next two years.

This award continues a long tradition of KEEN funding, giving more than $500,000 in the past five years, to embed innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the engineering curriculum. The grant will be used to prepare UDM students for the very competitive global environment in which they will spend their careers.

UDM has teamed with Baylor University, University of Dayton and Villanova University, and their industry partners, to build a curriculum that will help students better understand entrepreneurship and provide hands-on opportunities to put the practice in place. Possible courses include an in-depth study of entrepreneurship, innovation in a corporate context, a seminar series, an entrepreneurship-focused opportunity evaluation and a venture-planning course and workshop.

The end goal is to form a Helping Hands Dense Network, which will change the culture in the way engineers are educated and create practicing engineering graduates who are technically competent, innovative and business savvy.

"The Kern Family Foundation is eager to support this joint initiative of four prestigious universities that desire to work together to change engineering education for the benefit of their engineering students," said Dr. Timothy J. Kriewall, program director for the Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN) "Their graduates will be effective team players who will be entrepreneurially minded and who will be able to deploy technology to benefit people around the world."

The Kern Family Foundation chose UDM and their partner institutions because they are "best-in-class in project-based learning in engineering innovation education."

Since 1911, the UDM College of Engineering and Science has awarded more than 13,000 engineering degrees in 17 different undergraduate and graduate programs.

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