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E&S Partners with Seelio to Advance Students

September 15, 2014

Beginning this fall, University of Detroit's Mercy's College of Engineering & Science has partnered with Seelio, a student portfolio network to help students in the competitive job hunt.

Based in Ann Arbor, Seelio is an educational service and technology company that collaborates with colleges and universities like UDM to provide students with visually rich, online multimedia portfolios with which they can showcase their work, achievements and passions. (See Seelio video at right.)

Last July, the College signed a four-year agreement with the firm to bring career preparation via online portfolios to UDM students to document their work. The digital portfolio service, which is free to students, has grown since its 2012 debut and is proving extremely beneficial to students in finding them the right jobs.

The site provides immediate access to projects and publications, demonstrate connections to collaborators and provide potential employers with a multi-dimensional look at student portfolios. These galleries enable UDM to show the world its leadership in developing prepared and successful students.

Gary Kuleck, Dean of Engineering and Science said "the required co-op rotation in the engineering curriculum has our students engaged in professional practice starting in freshman year.  Seelio allows them to document and showcase their talents and marketable skills to prospective employers."

"We know how important it is to prepare students for success, and that's why we're excited to partner with UDM so students can prepare for their careers from day one and graduate with the ability to present and showcase their important experiential learning" said Moses Lee, CEO & Cofounder of Seelio.

Emily Keller-Logan, director of University Engagement for Seelio said "Students using our services have benefited from using the availability of technology at their fingertips to stand out as stronger job candidates."

"It's a really impressive moment in interviews when students can show what they've done," she said. "While a resume is a great overview, students can show a full picture of their skills and abilities with a portfolio," she added.

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