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Mission Micro-Grant Program

Now in its eleventh year, the Mission Micro Grant Program awards annual grants of up to $200 to any full- or part-time Detroit Mercy faculty or staff member in support of activities that promote Detroit Mercy’s mission of being a Catholic, Mercy, Jesuit, urban and student-centered university. You can find more on Detroit Mercy's mission statement on the mission website. The call for MMG applications occurs in September and awards are announced in November.

Why have a program like this?

  • Because we believe that our mission is something that lives most powerfully in the day-to-day lives and activities of our students, staff, faculty. and administrators.
  • Because we believe there are many different ways to be Catholic, Mercy, Jesuit, urban and student-centered.
  • Because we believe that creative grassroots-level explorations and promotions of the mission are a lot more likely to happen with seed money.

For more on the program, please take a look at the information below or contact program director Rosemary Weatherston at or 313-993-1083.


    How to Apply

    The call for Mission Micro Grant applications occurs each September. The application process is very simple: Download, fill out, and send the one-page application form to Rosemary Weatherston, Mission Micro Grant Program Director, at

    Mission Micro Grant funds are available throughout the entire academic year. Applications submitted by the October deadline will have the greatest chance of being funded. However, we know some of the best opportunities are discovered at the last minute. Therefore, you may apply for a mission micro grant after the deadline. If funds remain available, your application will be considered as quickly as possible. Please allow at least two weeks, however, for review of your application.

    Please note: the time period for which 2018-19 MMG projects and activities can receive funding has been aligned with the 2018-19 fiscal year. Thus, it is possible to apply for funding for projects that already will have taken place between July 1, 2018 and November, when grants are announced, as well as for projects that will take place from November through June 3, 2019. All projects/activities must be completed and all grant monies forms submitted by June 3, 2019.


    Project Criteria and Examples

    There are only five criteria a project or activity must meet to be considered for a Mission Micro Grant:

    • The project or activity must promote one or more elements of Detroit Mercy’s mission.
    • You must personally be involved in the project or activity (no pass through funding of other people’s projects, please).
    • You must be employed by the University during the time the project or activity takes place.
    • The grant monies must be spent in the same fiscal year in which they are received.
    • You must be available to attend a working lunch in the September following the academic year in which you receive your grant. At this gathering you will meet with other grant recipients and the Micro Grant Program committee to discuss how your project/activity turned out.  

    What type of projects and activities can get funded?

    You tell us—what are you doing or want to do?

    • Invite a guest speaker to your classroom?
    • Purchase a digital camera to record the life stories of elderly immigrants in Metro Detroit?
    • Provide scholarships for local middle school students to take a computerized writing workshop?
    • Purchase coffee for weekly student discussions of mission related matters at the Grounds Coffeehaus?
    • Take Detroit Mercy students to a community lecture or arts exhibit?
    • Provide support for a baby crib design project for wheelchair access?
    • Cover the operating costs for a class project to provide energy audits to nonprofits?
    • Pay for the material costs for support workshops for local math teachers?

    2017-18 Mission Micro Grant Award Projects

    Summaries of the 2017-18 MMG
    Proposals that Received Funding

    • Caren Bendes (Scholarship and Financial Aid): Food items for a Little Free Pantry open to the Detroit Mercy community
    • Claudia Bernasconi (SOA): Supplies for architecture student-led weekly design activities for Palmer Park Preparatory Academy middle school students
    • Jennifer Bowen (Library/IDS): Oral health care books for elementary school partners of the Titans for Teeth Mobile Dental Clinic Program
    • Megan Conrad (CES): Support for a Detroit Mercy Engineering alumna panel discussion focused on helping prepare women engineering students to enter the workforce
    • Phil Cooke, S.J. and Derrin Leppek (CBA, Center for Social Entrepreneurship): support for a social entrepreneurship student workshop
    • Sr. Beth Finster (University Ministry): “Soup and Substance” meals and speakers for each week of Lent
    • Clara Gamalski (Campus Kitchen, Institute for Leadership & Service):  Support for an urban agriculture student workshop series
    • Sarah Garrison and Charisse Heath (SOL):  Student hospitality refreshments for the Academic Success Department
    • Lori Glenn (CHP, MSON, TeLL Team): Printed materials for a healthy dating event co-sponsored with Detroit Partnership and Awareness in the Community (DPAC) and the Title IX Office.
    • Julie Hamilton (SOD): Equipment for use in weekly yoga sessions promoting Dental School student, faculty, and staff wellness.
    • Mary-Catherine Harrison (CLAE): Building materials for two Little Free Libraries to be installed in an after-school program run by the Arab Community Center for Economic Social Services and in the Southwest Detroit office of Lakeshore Legal Aid
    • Matt Higley (Fitness Center): Student scholarships for the UREC Adventure Series
    • Gary Hillebrand and Anita Klueg (CES, University Ministry): Support for students from Titans for Life and University Ministry to assist in decorating new Image of God pregnancy centers in Detroit
    • Heather Huguet and Drew Peters (University Ministry): Scholarship funds for students to attend the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice conference
    • Suzannne Keep (CHP, MSON): Support for the Blessing of the Hands ceremony for nursing students at the Grand Rapids campus at Aquinas College
    • Amy Keyser (Libraries/IDS): Support for the creation of a multi-faith reflection space within the McNichols Campus Library, in collaboration with University Ministry and the Muslim Students Association
    • Andrea Kwasky and Mary Serowoky (CHP, MSON): Campus presentation by speakers from the National Alliance on Mental Illness
    • Tanya Lundberg and ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Jennifer Rumschlag (SOL): Incentive gifts to increase student participation in Career Services Office programs
    • Molly McClelland, Darrell Kleinke, and Megan Conrad (CHP, CES): Meals for veterans and students collaborating on Multidisciplinary Assistive Technology program projects
    • Felicia Mitrovich, Jennifer Dean, Elizabeth Royal, Susan Trudeau (Student Success Center, Libraries/IDS): Support for round table discussions for early-career women in higher education
    • Kathy Moran and Suzanne Keep (CHP, MSON): Support for a nursing student-led fitness project at Exodus Place, a non-profit organization serving vulnerable populations in Grand Rapids
    • Megan Novell (Libraries/IDS): Computing and art supplies for community patrons of the McNichols Library and their children
    • Drew Peters (University Ministry): Refreshments for Mercy Day prayer service
    • Lakeshia Richardson (CES, Pre-College Programs): K-12 books for the Conner Creek Corp Youth Center
    • Vijaya Sastry, Elissa Clemons, Cortney Smalley, Weihong Sun (Information and Technology Services, Center for Career & Professional Development, Admissions and Recruitment, International Service Office): Support for start up of a Toastmasters program at Detroit Mercy focused on supporting international students’ communication skills
    • Cynthia Spires (CLAE, The Writing Center): Support for Writing Center partnerships with Detroit Mercy student organizations and the development of new, service-oriented faculty and staff programs
    • Virginia Stanard (SOA, Master of Community Development Program): Support for on-site community meetings related to MCD students’ Capstone projects
    • Damian Torres-Botello, S.J. (CLAE): Support for an on-campus student trivia event in conjunction with the Theatre Company’s production of The Complete History of America (abridged)
    • Jiawen Wang (CLAE): Materials for game-based math instruction for students and workshops for parents in Detroit Public School classrooms
    • Elaine Webber and Becky Nauta (CHP, MSON): A simulation model to teach nursing students breastfeeding management at the Grand Rapids campus at Aquinas College.
    • Michelle Whalen (CHP, MSON): Medical supplies for student nurses’ participation in the “Careers in Nursing” mentorship program, in partnership with students at Palmer Park school and the Black Detroit Nurses Rock organization
    • Theresa Wyatt (CHP, MSON): Refreshments for Second-Degree Option nursing student mentoring meeting
    • Lisa Zessin and Christina Socha (Academic Affairs): Reading materials for a Detroit Mercy women’s prayer and study group
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