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John StaudenmaierMission & Identity YouTube and podcast links

  • "Our 21st-Century Demon: Nostalgia"
    John Staudenmaier, S.J., assistant to the president for Mission and Identity at University of Detroit Mercy, presented this talk in 2017 to a gathering of the Jesuit Alumni and Friends of Detroit. In it, he discusses "praying from where you are" – in the here and now – rather than to be distracted by memories of other times, good or bad.
    Watch the video on YouTube
    Listen to the audio (MP3)
  • Half-Day Retreat talks
    The identity of Detroit Mercy changes every time a person brings her/his convictions to bear on her/his skillset. The half-day retreat makes this process communal. Three talks from Fr. Staudenmaier frame retreatant discussions. 
  • "Secular and Sacred," the 2011 Leonardo daVinci Medal Talk
    Fr. Staudenmaier responds autobiographically to a compelling question from an MIT atheist scholar-friend: "How did I find my way to an integration of my secularity with my faith life?" 
  • "Learning the Spiritual Exercises" Lunch Hour Series
    In four c. 50 minute lunch hour talks, Fr. Staudenmaier introduces lessons about prayer taken from The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola.
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