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The University of Detroit Mercy School of Law redefines legal education to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century.  Meet a few of the UDM Law faculty. Check out our full list of faculty & staff.

indexLaw FacultyUniversity of Detroit Mercy School of Law facultyfaculty, UDM, lawyers, law, associate professors, graduate school, higher educationSOL Faculty/www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sol/indexDavid-KoelschDavid KoelschDavid Koelsch Clinical Associate, professor of Law Degrees B.A., Michigan State University J.D., Catholic University of America Teaches Immigration Law Law and Spirituality Michigan, University of Detroit Mercy, detroit, education, graduate, jesuit, masters, mercy, udm, undergraduate, univeristy, university, Law, Clinical associate, SpirtualityDavid Koelsch/www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sol/David-KoelschDavid KoelschClinical Associate Professor of LawB.A., Michigan State UniversityJ.D., Catholic University of AmericaImmigration LawLaw and Spirituality/SOL Clinic313-596-9805koelscdc@udmercy.eduSchool of Lawhttp://www.law.udmercy.edu/Winner, 2009 Elmer Fried Awardhttp://www.aila.org/content/default.aspx?bc=17459|17470/www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sol/images/Koelsch-lg.jpgKoelsch-lg.jpgKoelsch-lg.jpgWhy you are going to love my classBecause I will treat you as a colleague — as a lawyer — and provide you an education that will get you where you want to go. Also, I will try to make you laugh.Great things for you at UDMBecause the Immigration Law Clinic focuses on client services, you are dealing with real clients and real legal problems. You will have a really unique opportunity to use your education to help someone even before you graduate.Great things in store after UDMWe are one of only a handful of law schools in the country where you have to have a clinic experience to graduate. So you will not only get a great classroom education with practical experience, but you will also be marketable.My favorite part about teaching youSeeing how you grasp the topic. Some students pick up things quickly and others don't. So I always try to improve the way I teach to make sure you "get it." It's a personal challenge for me.You might like to knowI worked in a big firm for years and then for a non-profit organization before becoming a law professor.You should come to UDMBecause I really care that you get the most out of your education. I will provide you an education that will get you where you want to go. It's a high value product./www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sol/images/Koelsch-sm.jpgKoelsch-sm.jpgKoelsch-sm.jpgI will treat you as a colleague — as a lawyer — and provide you an education that will get you where you want to go.Gary-MavealGary MavealGary Maveal Professor of Law Director, Faculty development and research Degrees B.A., political science, Wayne State University J.D., University of Detroit Mercy of Law Teaches Civil procedure Remedies Evidenceremedies, evidence, civil procedures, law, DirectorGary Maveal/www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sol/Gary-MavealGary MavealProfessor of LawB.A., Political Science, Wayne State UniversityJ.D., University of Detroit School of LawCivil ProcedureRemediesEvidence/SOL 327313-596-0218mavealgm@udmercy.eduSchool of Lawhttp://www.law.udmercy.edu/http:///www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sol/images/Maveal-lg.jpgMaveal-lg.jpgMaveal-lg.jpgWhy you are going to love my classYou will derive satisfaction from being challenged. By developing habits of thorough preparation and strict analysis, you will grow into these skills and fulfill your potential. You will begin to see yourself as a lawyer and grow on both an intellectual and personal level.Great things for you at UDMYou will have a variety of opportunities at the law school, especially with the clinical and law firm experiences now required as part of the program. I will help you realize your potential as an advocate/legal technician.Great things in store after UDMYou will realize the overriding importance of thorough preparation of a client's case, and the knowledge that if you commit to the work, you can handle more than you ever thought you could.My favorite part about teaching youMy personal interaction with you as I encourage you and share your struggles. It's also very rewarding to see when the light goes on about a particular concept; it's great to see your hard work rewarded with an understanding of a difficult subject.What sets a UDM law student apart?I think you and your fellow UDM law students have that sensitivity of wanting to serve others when you come to law school. So I try to heighten your awareness about how much unmet legal need is out there. You and your fellow law students have a special responsibility to meet that need throughout your careers.You might like to knowI was born and raised in the Detroit area, and that I have worked in Detroit ever since I went to law school here. I love the city and the University's place in it./www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sol/images/Maveal-sm.jpgMaveal-sm.jpgMaveal-sm.jpgYou will begin to see yourself as a lawyer and grow on both an intellectual and personal level.Pam-WilkinsPam WilkinsPam Wilkins Associate professor of Law Degrees A.B., Ancient Greek, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill J.D., University of South Carolina School of Law Teaches Applied Theory and Legal Analysis Torts Criminal procedure Death penaltyMichigan, University of Detroit Mercy, detroit, education, graduate, Jesuit, masters, mercy, udm, undergraduate, university, university, Torts, Law, criminal, Associate professorPam Wilkins/www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sol/Pam-WilkinsPam WilkinsAssociate Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Academic AffairsA.B., Ancient Greek, University of North Carolina at Chapel HillJ.D., University of South Carolina School of LawApplied Theory & Legal AnalysisTortsCriminal ProcedureDeath Penalty in America/Law 301313-596-0270wilkinpa@udmercy.eduSchool of Lawhttp://www.law.udmercy.edu/http:///www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sol/images/wilkins-lg.jpgwilkins-lg.jpgwilkins-lg.jpgWhy you are going to love my classI am excited by what I teach and hope that will stimulate your own interest in the material.  This may not be a reason to love my class, but I promise that you'll at least remember the corny, groan-inducing mantras I use to help you remember the materials.Great things for you at UDMWe really get to know you at the law school, and we pride ourselves on our small, cohesive community.  In my writing courses, which are small classes, I will work closely with you for the entire year, collaborating with you to help you achieve a professional work product.Great things in store after UDMGiven my course content (for instance, the death penalty), you may already have an opinion on the subject matter.  After taking my class — with its examination of cases, history, and the results of empirical research — you may well hold the same viewpoint (you may not!), but your views will be much more nuanced and informed.My favorite part about teaching youIt's exciting to see you become an independent learner.  I'm thrilled when students become so interested in a subject we've discussed that they begin to pursue it on their own.  Occasionally I get an e-mail from a former student about a news item related to something we studied; I'm always thrilled when that happens.You might like to knowI am a big animal lover with two cats and a dog./www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sol/images/wilkins-sm.jpgwilkins-sm.jpgwilkins-sm.jpgWe really get to know you at the law school, and we pride ourselves on our small, cohesive community./www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sol/sol_profilessol_profiles