Pam Wilkins

Why you are going to love my class
I am excited by what I teach and hope that will stimulate your own interest in the material.  This may not be a reason to love my class, but I promise that you'll at least remember the corny, groan-inducing mantras I use to help you remember the materials.
Great things for you at UDM
We really get to know you at the law school, and we pride ourselves on our small, cohesive community.  In my writing courses, which are small classes, I will work closely with you for the entire year, collaborating with you to help you achieve a professional work product.
Great things in store after UDM
Given my course content (for instance, the death penalty), you may already have an opinion on the subject matter.  After taking my class — with its examination of cases, history, and the results of empirical research — you may well hold the same viewpoint (you may not!), but your views will be much more nuanced and informed.
My favorite part about teaching you
It's exciting to see you become an independent learner.  I'm thrilled when students become so interested in a subject we've discussed that they begin to pursue it on their own.  Occasionally I get an e-mail from a former student about a news item related to something we studied; I'm always thrilled when that happens.
You might like to know
I am a big animal lover with two cats and a dog.