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One of the reasons our dentistry and dental hygiene programs are so highly regarded: UDM’s professors. Our faculty will guide you through these rigorous, clinically oriented programs and ensure you emerge with the knowledge and skills for superior patient care. Check out our full list of faculty & staff.

Monish-BholaMonish Bhola, D.D.S., M.S.D.Monish Bhola, D.D.S., M.S.D. Associate Professor, Periodontology Degrees B.D.S., Bangalore University, India Periodontology Certificate, Indiana University M.S.D., Periodontology, Indiana University Fellowship in Implantology, Indiana University D.D.S., University of Detroit Mercy Teaches Periodontics Michigan, University of Detroit Mercy, detroit, education, graduate, jesuit, masters, mercy, udm, undergraduate, univeristy, university, Periodontology, DentistryMonish Bhola, D.D.S., M.S.D./www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sod/Monish-BholaMonish Bhola, D.D.S., M.S.D.Associate Professor, PeriodontologyB.D.S., Bangalore University, IndiaPeriodontology Certificate, Indiana UniversityM.S.D., Periodontology, Indiana UniversityFellowship in Implantology, Indiana UniversityD.D.S., University of Detroit MercyPeriodontics/School of Dentistry313-494-6660bholamo@udmercy.eduSchool of Dentistryhttp://dental.udmercy.edu/http:///www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sod/images/Bhola.jpgBhola.jpgBhola.jpgWhy you are going to love my classWhen I present a lecture, it’s like telling a story in a captivating and interactive manner. As a result, my teaching style may pique your interest in periodontics and you may decide to pursue periodontics as a specialty after your dental training.Why choose UDM School of Dentistry

We provide a well-rounded, comprehensive training program. Teaching at our institution occurs at multiple levels, ranging from state-of-the-art patient simulated labs to a modern clinical facility with cutting-edge technology. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to see a wide diversity of patients.

We have a highly trained, diverse faculty from across the world who will train you at multiple levels during your education. Our clinical program is one of the best in the country. The periodontic residency program is among the best in the country. We have a 100% success rate in our students passing their specialty boards (American Board of Periodontology) and state licensing exams.

Great things for you at UDMYou will learn at several levels: Teaching in the classroom is done with clinical photos and videos of all dental and surgical procedures; hands-on training in simulated labs includes working on mannequins; and then a higher level of hands-on training on pig jaws and cadaver heads.Great things in store after UDMIn your dental education at UDM, you will learn multiple and innovative ways of treating a wide range of dental problems. Such a comprehensive and highly sophisticated educational program will enable you to transition into clinical practice with ease upon graduation.My favorite part about teaching youProviding a practical approach to dentistry. My presentations provide an insight into a wide array of dental rehabilitation procedures. These range from treatment of gum disease, non-surgical and surgical procedures to save compromised teeth, oral plastic surgical procedures, aesthetic reconstruction, to replacing missing teeth with dental implants, to name a few. Clinical training allows our students to apply their practical and didactic knowledge to treat, help and improve the oral health of our patients.I might change your mind...About applying to a specialty program. Many students, when they first start dental school, do not consider specializing in a particular dental field. But if you recognize and appreciate the depth and advancements in the field of periodontology, especially regenerative surgery and periodontal medicine and its impact on whole-body systemic health, you may change your mind.You might like to know

That I am very dedicated to teaching and to my profession. Teaching runs in my family—both my wife and sister are educators in the dental and medical field.

Also, in 2006 I received the Tarrson Fellowship award by the American Academy of Periodontology. This is a prestigious national award in my specialty. A good education and support of my colleagues and peers has enabled me to share my knowledge with dentists at a local, state, national and international level.

/www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sod/images/Bhola-sm.jpgBhola-sm.jpgbhola-small.jpgUDM's comprehensive and highly sophisticated educational program will enable you to transition into clinical practice with ease upon graduation.
James-GeistJames R. Geist, D.D.S., M.S.James R. Geist, D.D.S., M.S. Professor, Bio. & Diag. Sciences; Director of O/M Imaging Center Degrees B.A., Northwestern University D.D.S., University of Illinois M.S., Oral Pathology, Indiana University Teaches Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology General and Oral Pathology Clinical Radiology, technical and diagnosticMichigan, University of Detroit Mercy, detroit, education, graduate, jesuit, masters, mercy, udm, undergraduate, univeristy, university, Dentistry, Director, Radiology, PathologyJames Geist/www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sod/James-GeistJames R. Geist, D.D.S., M.S.Professor, Bio. & Diag. Sciences; Director of O/M Imaging CenterB.A., Northwestern UniversityD.D.S., University of IllinoisM.S., Oral Pathology, Indiana UniversityOral and Maxillofacial RadiologyGeneral and Oral PathologyClinical Radiology, technical and diagnostic/Clinic 437313-494-6675geistjr@udmercy.eduSchool of Dentistryhttp://dental.udmercy.edu/http:///www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sod/images/Geist-lg.jpgGeist-lg.jpgGeist-lg.jpgWhy you are going to love my class

I try to make my classes practically-oriented so when you leave class you take information you can apply.  In Radiology, that may be how to make and evaluate radiographs and interpret your findings.

In Pathology, it might be how to find signs of disease in patients. In Oral Pathology, it may be how to differentiate between various diseases so you can make an accurate diagnosis.

I try to make sure that the courses are not esoteric, but that you can apply the information.

My favorite part about teaching you

I thoroughly enjoy working with you, whether in clinic, in small group seminars or in the classroom setting.

One way you'll learn at UDM is through a small group of your peers, when we give you cases to write up and present. Through the Socratic method, I will ask you questions about the case and you will go over your findings to help make a diagnosis.

We'll go over the things you presented well and things you may have misunderstood.  Most of these cases are based on actual patient cases to help you relate to the every day experience of the dentist and dental hygienist.

"Great things" means…That when you leave here, you will be ready on the first day to practice as a general dentist in a competent and honorable manner, so that you will reflect credit upon the University and your profession.Great things in store after UDM

Upon leaving the School of Dentistry, I hope you understand the importance of diagnostic sciences in general, and radiology and pathology in particular. Everything stems from that understanding.

If you don't have the proper examination tactics, don't assess the findings properly, don't diagnose diseases or know when to refer patients for further diagnoses, then you might be making mistakes in treatment.

I hope the one important thing you learn is that you must have a proper diagnosis first when planning treatment and managing patients.

The dental profession looks really good now with strong opportunities for dental graduates. We expect our dental graduates will follow the national trend with about 80 percent going into general dentistry, and 20 percent into specialties (orthodontics, oral surgery, etc.). A few will go into academic careers, which is important since the average age for dental faculty is 57, so we need replacements for retiring faculty.

You might like to knowAfter 30 years in the dental profession, a lot of what I know came from experience, including learning from mistakes. "Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment."
/www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sod/images/Geist-sm.jpgGeist-sm.jpgGeist-sm.jpgWhen you leave here, you will be ready on the first day to practice as a general dentist in a competent and honorable manner.
Michael-HoenMichael HoenMichael Hoen, D.D.S. Director, Graduate Endodontic Program Degrees B.S., U.S. Military Academy at West Point D.D.S., University of Detroit School of Dentistry Endodontic Certificate, Walter Reed Army Medical Center Teaches Endodontics Graduate, Michigan, University of Detroit Mercy, detroit, education, graduate, jesuit, masters, mercy, udm, undergraduate, univeristy, university, Endodontics, Dentistry, DirectorMichael Hoen/www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sod/Michael-HoenMichael Hoen, D.D.S.Director, Graduate Endodontic ProgramB.S., U.S. Military Academy at West PointD.D.S., University of Detroit School of DentistryEndodontic Certificate, Walter Reed Army Medical CenterEndodontics/Clinic 316313-494-6603hoenmi@udmercy.eduSchool of Dentistryhttp://dental.udmercy.edu/http:///www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sod/images/Hoen-lg.jpgHoen-lg.jpgHoen-lg.jpgWhy you are going to love my classThe graduate Endodontics classes allow extensive individual clinical and didactic personal interactions.  The program is very strong in the use of technology and routinely incorporates access to all types and formats of appropriate global information.Great things for you at UDM

UDM's graduate Endodontics program is probably one of the top ten such programs in the world.  From a technology perspective, you'll have access to all the "bells and whistles" — multiple types of microscopes, digital imaging systems, diagnostic and treatment equipment, etc.

Clinic and classroom information is shared digitally and involves world-wide collaboration.   Our evidence-based endodontic web site allows you to take pride in participating as a world leader in sharing current information.  Your broad range of clinical experiences interacting with a diverse faculty is the program's greatest strength.

Great things in store after UDMThrough the development of your skill levels and application of cutting-edge technology, you will have the clinical skills to make a living offering patients the best in endodontic treatment.My favorite part about teaching youLearning with you.  My philosophy is 1) you have to have a reason for what you do, and 2) the truth changes.  Being a lifelong learner forces each of us to evaluate and incorporate change into our practice of endodontics.You might like to knowAfter more than 30 years,  I still like what I do — teaching and practicing endodontics.
/www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sod/images/Hoen-sm.jpgHoen-sm.jpgHoen-sm.jpgThrough developing your skills and applying cutting-edge technology, you will have the clinical skills to make a living offering patients the best in endodontic treatment.
Mary-PariseMary Parise, D.D.S.Mary Parise, D.D.S. Program Director, Advanced Education in General Dentistry Degrees B.S., Nursing, Mercy College of Detroit Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Michigan General Practice Residency, Veterans Administration Hospital, Allen Park, Mich. Teaches Coordinates the 1-2 year residency program in General DentistryMichigan, University of Detroit Mercy, detroit, education, graduate, jesuit, masters, mercy, udm, undergraduate, univeristy, university, Dentistry, Director, Advanced EducationMary Parise, D.D.S./www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sod/Mary-PariseMary Parise, D.D.S.Program Director, Advanced Education in General DentistryB.S., Nursing, Mercy College of DetroitDoctor of Dental Surgery, University of MichiganGeneral Practice Residency, Veterans Administration Hospital, Allen Park, Mich.Coordinates the 1-2 year residency program in General Dentistry/School of Dentistry313-494-6907parisema@udmercy.eduSchool of Dentistryhttp://dental.udmercy.edu/http:///www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sod/images/Parise.jpgParise.jpgparise.jpgWhy you are going to love our programAt UDM's School of Dentistry you have great opportunities to learn about every aspect of dentistry while you receive a stipend. We like to say, "you are being paid to learn."  Our one-year general dental residency program (with an optional second year) will provide you more training and experience following your graduation from dental school. Through your program rotations, you will have clinical time in our Corktown clinic and the St. John Providence Riverview Clinic. Your residency training will include multiple learning environments outside of clinic. You will have seminars within your program and with faculty and residents in specialty programs, in-service training with the dental school faculty as a whole and continuing education courses that allow for networking with alumni for potential practice opportunities.Great things for you at UDMAs a general dentistry resident, you will be able to follow patients through their plan of treatment and evaluate treatment completed in previous years to learn what has worked out well and what has not. You will see more patients a day with more difficult treatment needs. You will have experience in restoring implants, performing periodontal surgery and working with endodontic and periodontic residents. You will have a one month oral surgery rotation with the St. John Providence residents.  These specialty interactions prepare you for your practice by providing criteria to select your specialty referrals and knowledge regarding the type of relationships you would like to establish with specialists.Great things in store after UDMBecause of the broad range of experience you gain at UDM's dental school, you learn every aspect of dentistry. If you can plan treatment for some of the difficult patient situations we see in our clinic, then you will have a sound basis to undertake a treatment plan anywhere.My favorite part about teaching youI love teaching especially on the clinic floor.  I teach in the resident clinic two full days a week. We see a lot of challenging patients from a medical and dental perspective; they have a lot of needs.  I enjoy working with the residents as you develop different ways to communicate with patients and techniques to use to provide positive outcomes. It's rewarding to see your professional growth.I may change your mindIf a patient has lived with missing or infected teeth for a long time and you can provide that patient with teeth or relieve their infection, you will be deeply moved by that experience. You will see what a difference you can make in your patients' lives.

You might like to knowI was a nurse prior to becoming a dentist.  I can evaluate a patient walking in the door and pick up on some subtleties of the patient's general appearance that will give clues to the patient's overall health. Many times the patient's overall health affects our plan of treatment.
/www.udmercy.edu/about/meet_faculty/sod/images/Parise-sm.jpgParise-sm.jpgparise-small.jpgIf you can help a patient who has lived with missing or infected teeth for a long time, you will be deeply moved by seeing what a difference you can make.
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