Mary Parise, D.D.S.

Why you are going to love our program
At UDM's School of Dentistry you have great opportunities to learn about every aspect of dentistry while you receive a stipend. We like to say, "you are being paid to learn."  Our one-year general dental residency program (with an optional second year) will provide you more training and experience following your graduation from dental school. Through your program rotations, you will have clinical time in our Corktown clinic and the St. John Providence Riverview Clinic. Your residency training will include multiple learning environments outside of clinic. You will have seminars within your program and with faculty and residents in specialty programs, in-service training with the dental school faculty as a whole and continuing education courses that allow for networking with alumni for potential practice opportunities.
Great things for you at UDM
As a general dentistry resident, you will be able to follow patients through their plan of treatment and evaluate treatment completed in previous years to learn what has worked out well and what has not. You will see more patients a day with more difficult treatment needs. You will have experience in restoring implants, performing periodontal surgery and working with endodontic and periodontic residents. You will have a one month oral surgery rotation with the St. John Providence residents.  These specialty interactions prepare you for your practice by providing criteria to select your specialty referrals and knowledge regarding the type of relationships you would like to establish with specialists.
Great things in store after UDM
Because of the broad range of experience you gain at UDM's dental school, you learn every aspect of dentistry. If you can plan treatment for some of the difficult patient situations we see in our clinic, then you will have a sound basis to undertake a treatment plan anywhere.
My favorite part about teaching you
I love teaching especially on the clinic floor.  I teach in the resident clinic two full days a week. We see a lot of challenging patients from a medical and dental perspective; they have a lot of needs.  I enjoy working with the residents as you develop different ways to communicate with patients and techniques to use to provide positive outcomes. It's rewarding to see your professional growth.
I may change your mind
If a patient has lived with missing or infected teeth for a long time and you can provide that patient with teeth or relieve their infection, you will be deeply moved by that experience. You will see what a difference you can make in your patients' lives.

You might like to know
I was a nurse prior to becoming a dentist.  I can evaluate a patient walking in the door and pick up on some subtleties of the patient's general appearance that will give clues to the patient's overall health. Many times the patient's overall health affects our plan of treatment.