Noah Resnick

What you'll take away
You'll take away a respect and a desire for experimentation within the design studio, a realization that design and research are compatible, and that collaboration — not with just myself, the professor, but with your colleagues — is essential to producing great work.
What I like about teaching you
My favorite part about teaching students, especially at University of Detroit Mercy, is how much I continue to learn from you. I hope that every discussion we have is a collaborative one, a back-and-forth of concepts and ideas that we feed each other to make your work better.
I will be available to you
The UDM School of Architecture is a very small school and we pride ourselves on the close relationships that we have with our students. If you wanted to talk to me outside of class time, I would always make myself available. On the other hand, the way the studios are run is based on one-on-one communication between me and you, where I can critique your work and talk about other academic issues as well.
We want great things for you
What I want is for you to want great things for yourself. I'm there to push you, to challenge you and help shape you into a creative designer, architect and urban designer so that you can understand your role in the shaping of the city that you live in.
You might like to know
You may like to know that the way I teach architecture and urban design is the way I practice architecture and urban design. When I have a project — for instance, a design of a park in downtown Detroit — I bring that into the classroom so you can experience first-hand the process of design.
I was featured in "My Jewish Detroit"

The online magazine My Jewish Detroit published a June 2015 conversation with me, "On building community brick-by-brick, block-by-block."  One of the quotes in the article is, "I started teaching to become a better architect. And now I practice to become a better teacher." Check out the article.