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John Mueller

Why you’re going to love my class
You’ll learn how to draw with your hands the old-fashioned way. And students share the opinion it’s an art worth preserving. Manual sketch is a good skill to have when you can’t rely on computers.
Great things for you at UDM
Architecture is a high-quality program at a really good school. We work hard to maintain that reputation. So your experience will be worthwhile.
“We want great things for you” means
We want you to earn a great education. But more important than what UDM wants, it’s about what you want to accomplish.
My favorite part about teaching you is
It’s fun and constantly satisfying. I feed off your energy. Teaching keeps me from drifting off into the generational gap and keeps me aware of what’s going on. I won’t retire until I’m forced to.
You might also like to know
I’m an architect with my own practice, mainly designing small houses and cottages for clients.
No other professor can say to you
I’m the walking Wikipedia of the world at-large. One student even posted Wikipedia’s logo with my name on the studio door.