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Joe Odoerfer

Why you are going to love my class

I prepare lectures in advance and send them to you to review before class, so if you have questions, you can raise them in class.

With the presentation loaded on your computer, you don't have to write as much in class — it's not only a more efficient way of taking notes, but also a better way to learn.

Great things for you at UDM

In our Architecture program, you will get the information that you need to apply in your career. I will try to present you with  information about great architects, so you can learn from their mistakes.

And in the Studio course, I have half-hour conversations with you each week so we have a one-on-one relationship. 

Great things in store after UDM

You will come away with knowledge of someone else's experience that becomes your beginning point, so you will enter the profession with 30 years of experience.

You will know all the problems someone else encountered so you won't make their mistakes.

My favorite part about teaching you
Sharing with you what I learn. I try to make the material as relevant to your life as an architect as I can. I draw on my own experience as an architect and give you that information so you are one step ahead of where I was when I began my career.
You might like to know
There's a lot more passion about architecture here than at other schools I've been.