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Dan Pitera

Why you're going to love my class
Your position as a student is more than just gaining information. You’re part of a process of making better architecture, and making better urban cities.
Great things for you at UDM
We have a Design Center at UDM, which is basically like a teaching hospital for architects. So before you graduate, you’re working on real projects utilizing the knowledge you’ve gained in traditional classes.
Great things in store after UDM
I have architects from around the country calling me asking me to recommend students to come work for them. I have students now working in California, Alaska, all over the country—and it’s because they’ve been here at UDM.
“We want great things for you” means
We work together in this educational process. You’re not just sitting in a classroom learning in lectures. You’re working together with faculty and students to make better architecture.
My favorite part about teaching you is
Improving my music and video collection! Actually, the truth is, I do learn from you, and you learn from me, so it’s a two-way street.