Beth Oljar

Why you are going to enjoy my class
You will learn to think both more broadly and deeply than you ever have before, and from a more universal point of view.  You will consider questions that transcend both time and differences in culture, because they are questions that all human beings ask about their world and themselves.
Great Things for you at UDM
I am willing to go out of my way to help you and to do whatever I can to enhance your learning experience in my courses. If you come to my office with questions, you will find me also interested in your life outside my classroom.
My favorite part about teaching you
I appreciate the moment when you realize the importance and value of philosophy in your own life. You will learn that philosophy isn't just an exchange of opinions and that not all opinions are correct.  You will learn to reject the false dilemma that everything is either an objective scientific fact or only a subjective matter of personal taste. Philosophy lives in the space between these two options, so you have to take responsibility for your own beliefs.
What makes a successful class?
I make philosophy come alive in a fun way. I have high energy and passion for my topic as well as a sense of humor that will help you better grasp the subject. I have high expectations, but I try to create an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable asking questions and offering comments.
I may change your mind
About the study of philosophy. It's not limited to what some dead guys wrote hundreds of years ago; it's about committing yourself to the examined life and to the pursuit of truth. You will learn that philosophical claims must be supported by good reasons that can withstand the critical evaluation of others, so strong reasoning skills are an essential part of philosophy.
Great Things in store after UDM
We want you to find a direction in life and achieve your goals. We want to give you more than just a base of knowledge — we want you to be critical and ethical thinkers.
You may be interested to know
That due to math anxiety, I only received a C in my required undergraduate logic course, and now I regularly teach both formal and informal logic.  I also struggled with test anxiety for much of my academic career.