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Victoria Mantzopoulos

Why you're going to love my class
If math terrifies you, you’ll find you were overly anxious for no reason in my Statistics class. I break the material down and show you step-by-step how to get what you need.
Great things for you at UDM
Law Day at UDM. Our Moot Court is enacted in front of the student body in the Student Center. You’ll do research, apply critical-thinking skills, and understand what it means to be a lawyer. You’ll work hard, but you’ll enjoy it.
Great things in store after UDM
We spend a lot of time and effort readying our pre-law students for the profession. We prepare you from day one to take the LSAT and then successfully complete law school. (And our students’ LSAT scores are skyrocketing!)
My favorite part about teaching you is
Watching you grow in my criminal law class. You’ll do an actual trial for five weeks, and you’ll perform all the roles—jury, prosecutors, defendants, witnesses, etc. You’ll love it.
You might like to know
I have published two statistic texts with Prentice Hall that are widely used and translated.
No other professor can say to you
I LOVE statistics!