Tom Stanton

Why I like teaching students like you

My favorite part of teaching students like you is that you and your classmates bring along a variety of experiences to my classroom. I'm always amazed at your backgrounds, at the elements that you add to what I am trying to teach, and I enjoy that.

I also appreciate the interaction I have with students. I take that seriously. One of the things we focus on here at UDM is getting to know you, our students. I know the name of every student in my class. I can tell you something about every student in my class, and I value that.

What makes my class a success
I view my class as a success when you have that moment of realization that journalism is what you're interested in, when the light goes on — that's a gratifying experience for me and I hope you have it.
Expect to get a good job after graduation
You can expect to get a good job when you get your degree, if you've done the work, if you've put in the effort and if you've been sincere in pursuing your goals. Journalism is changing radically, and that makes it scary for some folks who have been in the profession for a long time. But it means there are great opportunities for people your age, for people who have grown up digitally-aware. And I find that exciting.
I'll be available to you
As a professor at UDM, I am available to my students. Not only do I have office hours, but I seek my students out. I want to be talking with my students outside of class. That's part of the learning experience. It's part of what you get when you come here.
We want great things for you
When we say, "we want great things for you," we mean it. I take that mission to heart and I know my fellow professors here do as well. That means I will sit down with you and help you chart your course from student to successful professional.
You might like to know

I come from a non-traditional background. I didn't start out to be a professor at a university. I started at a community college and I worked my way through my undergraduate degree, through my graduate degrees and was successful in my profession.

I'm coming back here because I want to teach, because I want to make a contribution to the next generation of journalists. I've spent the last 10 years as a successful author, touring the country. I've written nationally-produced books. I'm here by choice. I'm here because I value what this University does and what it offers you. And I look forward to seeing you.