Nick Rombes

Why you're going to love my class
One of our philosophies in the English department, and at UDM in general, is that students learn best by doing. So you’ll study theory, you’ll write papers, but then, whenever possible, you’ll make the objects that you’re studying to learn how it’s done.
Great things for you at UDM
We pride ourselves on being available for you, on e-mail, and more importantly, physically. We are in our offices, our doors are open, there’s a sense of community on the faculty floors, and you’ll feel you’re part of that. You can always come in and ask questions, scheduled or not—it’s why many of us teach here.
“We want great things for you” means
We want you to go out into the world and be successful in what you’ve been trained to do—to get good careers, to get good jobs, to make a living. But we also want you to think about the world in a critical, analytical way, in a skeptical way, and to think more deeply about your place in it. So when we say we want great things for you, we want great things for you as a spiritual person, as a creative person, as an intellectual person—as a full human being.
My favorite part about teaching you is
We have smaller class sizes, which means we can give you personalized attention. We’re never too busy to help you with your projects, answer your questions. And the students in your class will be bright and inquisitive, and you’ll learn from them as well. But I teach at UDM because I love the students, I love the small classes, and I love seeing you grow.