Lorri MacDonald

What I like about teaching you
I just love to get people excited about teaching. I love to get people excited about education and what educators can do, because we are the only force in this country that can change the face of what's actually happening. To get you excited and get you going and have you want to get out there and do it is so exciting to me that I have a hard time sitting still!
What makes my classes successful
My classes are really successful for all levels of students, and especially students who really want to learn more, because I teach through inquiry. Teaching through inquiry means that I don't know everything. I help you and guide you so that you will explore and find what is your strength and what area you really want to pursue.
Why UDM?
You should come to UDM because we are a one-on-one type of university. At UDM, we will pay close attention to you, and to you as an entire student, not just someone who comes and sits in class who we see once or twice a week. We will actually contact you, work with you individually and meet your needs.
I will be available to you
My availability to you is almost around-the-clock. Besides my office hours, you'll have my cell phone number and my e-mail. You can call me on a weekend, for example, because I understand that you might not be able to see me during my office hours. I'm expecting a lot out of you, so you should expect a lot out of me.
Expect a great job after UDM
I can promise you if you go into science education, you won't be unemployed. It is one of the few recession-proof jobs out there. Science education is a field that we are just begging for all over this country. If you come to UDM and go into science education, you will have a job.
We want great things for you
Science education is such an exciting field, and so much on the cutting edge, that you can go out there and you can make a real difference in our country and around the world. You can be a leader and you can make changes. You can be the one that is leading students to really solve the problem of global warming, really solve the problems of alternative energy. So we really want great things for you, and the way to get there is through science education.
You might like to know
You might like to know that I was named Michigan Virtual School's first-ever Online Teacher of the Year, which is really sort of a cool award because it has opened lots of doors for me.  But it also gives me the opportunity to open a lot of doors for you.