Isaiah "Ike" McKinnon

Why you're going to love my class
Because of the real-life approach we take to education. There’s more to education than a textbook.
Great things for you at UDM
You’ll do service learning in my class. You’ll go out into the community and volunteer. And when you’re done, you’ll have a better understanding of your role in the world.
“We want great things for you” means
We’re small, we’re dedicated, we’re concerned about you, and we’re in a great location.
My favorite part about teaching you is
Seeing the light go on for you.
You might like to know
I am a retired police chief. But I wanted to teach education rather than criminal justice because I felt I could do more for students that way.
No other professor can say to you
I’ve written three books, met five presidents, been on Oprah, and had breakfast with Bishop Desmond Tutu.