Liberal Arts & Education Faculty

Our Liberal Arts & Education faculty want you to learn a variety of academic subjects, such as English, history and philosophy. But they also want you to learn about yourself. Check out our full list of faculty & staff.

Libby Balter Blume
Professor and Director, Developmental Psychology and Program in Certified Family Life Education

“After taking a class with me, you will have a greater sensitivity and respect for children.”
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Harold H. Greene Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology

“You will take away a 'questioning' mind and the ability to use appropriate research methods to get the answers you want.”
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Mary-Catherine Harrison
Associate Professor, English; Director, Academic Exploration Program

“What we read is essential to who we are and how we engage with the world around us.”
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Heather Hill-Vasquez
Associate Professor, English

“I will teach you to become a responsible, critical thinker with the ability to look at topics from multiple perspectives.”
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Hsiao-Lan Hu
Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Women's & Gender Studies

“You will become a better global citizen who can deal with differences with sensitivity.”
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David R. Koukal
Professor, Philosophy

“What philosophy does for you is bring you into contact with the most fundamental questions that human beings can ask.”
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Victoria Mantzopoulos
Professor, Associate Dean and Academic Coordinator for International Programs

“If math terrifies you, you’ll find you were overly anxious for no reason in my Statistics class.”
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Isaiah McKinnon
Associate Professor, Education (currently on leave to serve as Deputy Mayor of Detroit)

“My favorite part about teaching you is seeing the light go on for you.”
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Cheryl C. Munday
Associate Professor, Psychology; Director, Psychology Clinic

“Psychology can be used to solve real-world problems, through the integration of science, philosophy and introspection.”
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Beth Oljar
Assistant Professor, Philosophy

“We want you to find a direction in life and achieve your goals. We want to give you more than just a base of knowledge — we want you to be critical and ethical thinkers.”
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Gail Presbey
Professor of Philosophy; Director, Carney Latin American Archives

“At different times in life, people are open to focus on philosophical questions.  My courses will be such times for you.”
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Jason Roche
Associate Professor, Communication Studies; Director, Honors Program

“When you graduate with a degree in Communication Studies, you've got a whole world of possibilities.”
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Nicholas Rombes
Professor, English

“We want you to think about the world in a skeptical way, and to think more deeply about your place in it.”
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Tom Stanton
Associate Professor, Communication Studies

“Journalism is an adventure, and it's intriguing, and it's compelling and it matters in this world.”
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Gregory D. Sumner
Professor, History

“History isn’t names and dates, but flesh and blood people just like you, and you’re standing on their shoulders.”
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Rosemary Weatherston
Associate Professor, English; Director, Women's and Gender Studies

“You’ll get an appreciation for things richer and more complicated than they seem at first. You’ll have an eye for the obscure.”
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Carol C. Weisfeld
Professor, Psychology

“After my class, you will appreciate the differences between males and females at any age.”
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