Rose-Marie Higgins

Why you are going to love my class
After two years of classroom learning, you will begin clinical rotations and you start to make the connection. It's the "light bulb" moment. All the material you have been reading about, you now see in front of you. It's a validation of learning and retaining things and then applying them.
Great things for you at UDM
Our Physician Assistant Program is a good program with faculty who really want to do everything in their power to make you successful. The majority of our faculty have graduated from our program and have come back after years of clinical experience to teach you. We want what's best for you and your patients.
Great things in store after UDM
The career outlook for PAs is very good, particularly with health care reform. There will be a shortage of primary care physicians so there will be a growing need for PAs.
My favorite part about teaching you
My favorite part of teaching is the unexpected questions you ask that take me in a new direction.  I am always learning, too, no matter how well I think I know my subject.
One thing you will learn
You will get a real understanding that being a PA is a lifelong learning profession. What you learn at UDM is just the beginning. It doesn't stop once you earn your degree. Medicine is changing each day and you need to keep up with the literature. As a practitioner, you will learn from your patients; they will be your instructors.
I may change your mind
You may come into the program with preconceived notions about health care or patient populations. But you will come to learn that we all have needs to get healthy and stay healthy. All patients need to know that someone cares and will take care of them. There is a commitment in the PA profession, and certainly in this program, to serve the underserved.
You might like to know
That I want and appreciate the same things that you do. We are the same. Because I was a preceptor for the program before becoming a faculty member, I try to get you to relax and take advantage of the learning experience so you are not frightened or stressed by it.