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Lori Glenn

Why you are going to love my class
I have a lot of real-world experience to share with you, and I can translate the class material into real-world situations. I make your learning easier and more effective by using storytelling, technology, games and group work. I can help you put all these pieces of the puzzle together, so that as a nurse you can apply your knowledge to the nursing care of human beings.
Great things for you at UDM
You should come to UDM to learn what it takes to be a great nurse. Plus, our faculty is really dedicated to teaching you, our students. For example, I have a tutoring group where I try to give you as much individual attention as I can. I am tough and challenging but nurturing and supportive, too. This combination is something that our nursing faculty members really do well. It’s what makes our program unique.
I may change your mind

I may change your mind about your role as a nurse. Because my journey in nursing has been so rich, including working as a helicopter transport nurse, high-risk neonatal nurse, maternal-child nurse and nurse-midwife, you can see that nursing takes you to a lot of different places.

It's a great profession because there is so much you can do. We're on the brink of a revolution in nursing. Nurses are at the table now with healthcare reform. We have the opportunity of a lifetime to make the changes in how healthcare is provided to our patients. We can step up to the plate and do great things. I want you to be inspired to do that.

Great things in store after UDM
My goal is for you to apply your knowledge and experience to becoming a great nurse. As a great nurse, you will look at each patient as a whole person. You will not only affect your patients' lives, you affect your family's life, your fellow nurses, your staff, the community and the world. You really make a huge difference.
My favorite parts about teaching you

I see you through the learning process where you evolve from a student to a student nurse to a nurse. It's great to see you grow and mature.

I learn so much from teaching. I can't give the same lecture every semester since nursing information changes all the time. I constantly have to review all the drugs and diseases to see what's new. And because of the Internet, you are very savvy, and often, you give me places to look for information. So you will teach me a lot.

You might like to know

That as a nursing midwife in private practice, I attended the birth of 600 babies.

Also, I used to weigh over 300 pounds, and several years ago I lost 130 pounds. Since I was inspired to take my health in hand, I have run in the Detroit Free Press Marathon twice. Maybe you can inspire someone to become healthier.