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Greg Bozimowski

What makes my class a success

I can share with you several ways of looking at clinical problems, because I've worked as a nurse anesthesia manager and I've done freelance anesthesia and a lot of clinical anesthesia as well. I like to integrate various aspects of things I've learned and bring them to you in a sense that you might not get from everyone, because a lot of clinical faculty, for example, may have never looked at things from all those points of view.

You know the class has been a success when you walk out of the classroom having been challenged and having learned something for that day. Maybe you asked even more questions than you brought with you to the classroom. I like it when you get involved with me in discussion, which enhances your learning.

What I like about teaching students like you

Nursing Anesthesia students are very dedicated, and you understand the work that's ahead of you. There's an understanding that you come prepared. You know you're ready, I know you're ready to learn, and so we can hit the ground running and get started with the topics.

Students who come to UDM are here for an experience that's a little different from some of the other nursing anesthesia programs in the area. Students who come here want UDM's mission. They want the philosophy that I and my fellow Nurse Anesthesia faculty try to bring into it. So, the fact that you really want to be here makes teaching you that much better.

You might like to know
You might like to know that I'm learning how to play guitar.