Matt Mio

Why you’re going to love my class

I’ve done a pretty good job of learning in my lifetime, and I want to pass those skills on to you so that you can continue to learn.

If you want small class size paired with extreme interaction with scholars doing cutting-edge research, then this is the place for you.

Great things for you at UDM

You’re going to have the opportunity to do research in any of our science departments—we have a lot of people who are committed to that kind of education.

You could come into my lab and learn how to do organometallic cross-coupling reactions. Or you could work for the guy down the hall who’s analyzing the metals in ancient Chinese coins. It’s all chemistry.

Great things in store after UDM
Your job prospects are better than they’ve ever been in the history of the world. Technical degrees get you prepared for everything society has to offer, and you will be an informed citizen when the time comes for voting on such complex issues as cloning or different pieces of material science, which govern our everyday life.
No other professor can say to you
I went to UDM myself—and was valedictorian.