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Liz Roberts-Kirchhoff

Why I like teaching students like you
You have such enthusiasm for reaching your goals. Your class work is important to you, but so is what you're doing outside of class, whether it's undergraduate research, pre-professional clubs such as the Chemistry Club or service projects like running merit badges for Girl and Boy Scouts.
What makes my class a success
You are not going sit in my class and just hear me talk. You're going to be working with your neighbors, discussing and solving problems, doing class presentations, working in groups and assessing each others' work. You'll enjoy my class because you're going to be so active in it.
What you will take away
When you finish my class, you're going to take away the relevance that biochemistry has to your life. Not just right now, but in the future, when you're thinking about your health and your diet, you're going to take away that biochemistry is relevant to your life.
Expect to get a great job
There are many opportunities for you with a degree in biochemistry. You can go to graduate school and then on to be a research scientist a at major pharmaceutical firm. You can go to medical school, dental school or pharmacy school. You can also get a job right with your bachelor's degree. Some of our students have gone on to get jobs at the American Red Cross, Dow Chemical and Pfizer, so there many opportunities for you.
I will be available to you
If my office door is open, I'm more than happy to talk to you about something going on in class, or about your career goals, or about research opportunities for you. I am available to talk with you outside of class.
We want great things for you
We want you to do well in the Biochemistry degree program, but we also want you to grow as a person while you're here, so that you have the best footing for entering the next phase of your life, after you leave the University.
You might like to know
I was recently in a "half iron man" triathlon: a swim, a bike and a run.