Darrell Kleinke

Why you'll love my class
You'll learn how to take those equations and theories you've learned and turn them into real products. Not only on paper, but we'll actually have you build things. You'll put devices together, test them and deliver them to customers. The best part is that you get to see the reaction on the customer's face when they're delighted by your design, by what you've built. It's quite a feeling of satisfaction.
What you'll take away

You'll take away a confidence that that you can survive and thrive in the industrial world once you leave the University. As an industry engineer for over 20 years, I've "been there, done that," and I'm going to show you how you can do it, too. I'm going to show you how to communicate with peers, bosses and customers and how to apply your engineering technical skills to real life situations.

What I like about teaching you

My favorite part about teaching students at University of Detroit Mercy is the camaraderie between you. I find that there's such a great bond between my students that they help each other learn, and that helps me to teach.

Why UDM?

There are a couple of big reasons you should come to UDM for engineering. First is the relatively small size, which really allows you to become part of anything you want. If you want to be involved in an activity, you can be.

The second thing is personal attention from your professors and instructors. I know all my students by name. I'll learn your name and we'll work together. If you're struggling, I'll help you. If you're succeeding, we'll build on that success. I think that personal touch and the small size are real advantages for University of Detroit Mercy students.

I will be available to you
The thing that sets this University apart is the availability of the faculty and staff. We are here for you and our doors are open. In fact, on any given day, if you walk down the hallway, you'll notice most of the professors' doors are open, and you're welcome to come in and talk to us at any time. We'll talk to you about course work, issues you may be having getting through school, or perhaps job opportunities.
We want great things for you

Here at UDM, the emphasis is on "you." Teaching and students come first. Faculty research certainly is important, but that takes back seat to the students themselves.

"Great things" means a solid education that will get you off to a great start and carry you through your career for many, many years to come. Our co-op program also sets you up for gaining experience that you may not get at other universities. It's about you, and we do want great things for every one of our students, including you.

You might like to know
Despite my age, I'm the newest professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department here at UDM. I've had over 30 years of experience in product development and real-world industrial experience. I'm bringing that experience to bear on my new career, which is teaching you how to do the same things I've done.