Maggie Xu

Why you are going to love my class
I want you to be challenged and inspired — to think about what a problem is about and how to solve it.  I also welcome your input so we have two-way communication. Teaching, like learning, should be fun, and your involvement in class will make it more interesting.
Great things for you at UDM
One of the biggest advantages at UDM is the small class size, which makes it easier for you to learn effectively. I can devote more time to your learning and know you personally. That way, we can work together toward achieving your dreams. I am here for you and make myself as accessible as possible, in person and through e-mail.
Great things in store after UDM
The opportunities and job openings are always there, though the number fluctuates.  Although we are currently in a tight job market, you can prepare yourself through your studies. You will need to promote yourself as the perfect fit for a position, and a UDM degree means you have a strong educational foundation among your qualifications.
My favorite part about teaching you
My favorite part about teaching is my interaction with you. I am here for you, not just for course-related materials but also for other questions, such as choosing a major or job search issues. I want you to know you made the right decision in choosing UDM, and that as my student, you are an important part of my life.
I may change your mind
In finance, I want you to learn the big picture and then move to the small details. But it's important to realize that there may not be one correct answer. You need to view the topic or problem from different perspectives and be open to different opinions to determine the best solution. You need to keep an open mind.
You might like to know
That I really love sports, art and music. I became a football fan when I lived in Pittsburgh, but when I was young, I performed gymnastics.