Robert Hutchinson

Why you are going to love my class

You may think accounting is boring, but not in my class.  You will no longer think of accountants as "bean counters," but will come to recognize them as business partners.  It's our accounting systems that help plan what beans get planted in the first place. We design the planning and control systems used to determine the product and service mix that will maximize value.

Great things for you at UDM
One of the lessons you will learn is that accounting systems are nothing more than financial models of reality.  And, like any model, they are not perfect.  It is important to understand the limitations of the models we use and the fact that our accounting models can actually affect reality itself.  This is a dynamic way of looking at accounting.
Great things in store after UDM

The knowledge you gain will benefit your business career, whether through applying management accounting techniques or by communicating better with accounting colleagues at work. If nothing else, you will at least take with you a healthy dose of professional skepticism and always know to question the numbers.

My favorite part about teaching you

We often forget that accounting is simply a tool to serve business and society; we should not be servants to accounting practice and convention. The thing that motivates me the most is to hear you begin to question these practices and conventions in class discussions.

You might like to know
I love cars, architecture, art and jazz.  Off-campus you will likely find my wife and me at the Detroit Auto Show, the Woodward Dream Cruise, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Baker's Keyboard Lounge or just walking around Detroit's historic districts. We love to call Detroit our home and live a short walk from campus!