Jeanne David

Why you're going to love my class

Because I break down your fears. If you’re intimidated by accounting, it’s probably because you’re intimidated by having to deal with numbers. It’s not the concepts of accounting that are difficult.

So I come into class and hand out a problem for you to tackle before I lecture. Most of time, you’ll bring up in your own words many of the principles underlying accounting. So I can bring you around from thinking you can’t get it to knowing that you can.

When you finish my class
You’ll take away a better understanding of what numbers mean—for one thing, that they’re not golden.
Come to UDM if you want
Plenty of hands-on work. We do lots of homework, you’ll have lots of chances to practice it, and you’ll really learn it.
My favorite part about teaching you is
The challenges you bring to class. You keep me up to date. We talk about world events, stories in the news. And sometimes you send me home with homework!
No other professor can say to you
I caught a lobster in the ocean with my bare hands.