Gerry Cavanagh, S.J.

Why you're going to love my class

I want students to come to know themselves, their future, their lives. Many of us are influenced, unfortunately, by advertising, the media, the Internet, and we don’t have our own goals—we take them from the environment.

I really want you to know what your goals are. I’m going to help you understand yourself.

Great things for you at UDM

In a large number of classes at UDM, we ask students to spend time in a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen or tutoring young kids in the inner city.

The purpose of this service learning is to open horizons beyond your life. I think it’ll have a pretty dramatic effect on you—and become a part of your fabric.

Great things in store after UDM
I’ve had people write back 20 years later and say “I still have that paper I wrote for you and it was a terrific influence on me. I changed careers because I realized that this is what I wanted to do.”
You might like to know that
I have published five books.