Meet Our Faculty

Our faculty members want great things for you – and you'll sense that from the moment you start at UDM. Nearly 90 percent of our faculty hold a Ph.D. or terminal degree, and our student-faculty ratio is 14:1. What does this mean to you? It means you'll be working closely with accomplished, dedicated professionals whose first priority is teaching.

Allegra Pitera
Associate Professor of Architecture; Director of Digital Media Studies

“It's a hands-on opportunity to work with media theory, design and technology to explore what you love to do with digital media.”
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Mary Ann Hazen
Professor, Business Administration

“We want you to not just have goals but to have dreams, and we want to be a part of you making them come true.”
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James R. Geist, D.D.S., M.S.
Professor, Bio. & Diag. Sciences; Director of O/M Imaging Center

“When you leave here, you will be ready on the first day to practice as a general dentist in a competent and honorable manner.”
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Katy Snyder
Associate Dean of Academics, Engineering & Science

“It's a huge transition from high school to college math. I can ease the way for you.”
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Mike Dosch
Associate Professor, Nurse Anesthesia

“You will have wonderful career opportunities... But I hope you also have a sense of humility, so that every day, with every patient, you don't take anything for granted.”
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Gary Maveal
Professor of Law; Director, Faculty Development and Research

“You will begin to see yourself as a lawyer and grow on both an intellectual and personal level.”
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Gregory D. Sumner
Professor, History

“History isn’t names and dates, but flesh and blood people just like you, and you’re standing on their shoulders.”
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